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Eligibility Consultants Inc.

Client: Eligibility Consultants Inc. Task: Networking, Phone System Executives: Madhuri Kabre ECI is using our powerful Vox Nubes Dialer, this system is allowing them to make thousands of calls a day to their clients, leave automated messages and connect calls with agents.


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RX Plus

Client: RX Plus. Task: Website, Software Development, Mobile App Development Executives: Al Johnson, Paul Wood Rx Plus is an amazing free app that can provide medication discounts to anyone with a smart phone, just download the app, go the pharmacy, show your app and you can get up to 65% discount on prescription medications.


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Client: Architel LP. Task: Website, Networking, Phone System, Software Development Executives: Scott Ryan, Bryan Bender, Jeff Rothell Architel is one of our partners from our phone system(Vox Nubes PBX), they provide our phone system to their customers. Also we helped them with the configuration of their cloud solutions, the website development and web development.


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Client: Beauticontrol Task: PBX Systems Executives: Mona Abderahman Beauticontrol installed one of the most powerful products we have, the Vox Nubes Dialer, this system allows them to make thousands of calls every day contacting their customers and sales team to spread their news and promotions.


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Netera Networks

Client: Netera Networks Task: Web Development Executives: Chris Scott, Mike Griffin Netera Networks and Open Source Mind have a partnership with a software we developed called SAM that integrates with Cisco Call Manager. This system is a better front end for their customers because it is easy to use and saves a lot of time when…


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Epiq Energy

Client: Epiq Energy Task: Networking and Phone System Executives: Alex Rodriguez, Sam Khavari Epiq Energy installed our PBX in 2010 and since then we have worked together in a lot of different projects like build their whole network infra-structure when they moved from their previous location.


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Client: Trellise Task: Mobile App Development Executives: Paige Robinson, Wade Wright Trellise is a mobile app that help students communicate, it is a powerful collaboration tool for Universities, with this app students can find groups of interests, keep up with their calendar and even show their resume to big Companies so that they can apply for…



New Benefits RX

Client: New Benefits, Ltd. Task: Mobile App Development Executives: Joel Ray, Jessica Rhodes, Kenny Dion New benefits were looking for a Company that could help them develop their mobile app for their health benefits card, it is basically a replacement for their paper card, so any smart phone user now can install this app and…